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65,000 pedestrians are injured or killed annually in the United States.

pedestrianWhile pedestrians can be at fault, these accidents are often due to driver’s failure to see a pedestrian. Again, injuries in these accidents are usually severe due primarily to the lack of protection afforded a pedestrian combined with the enormous weight differential that exists between the motor vehicle and a person. Pedestrians are fully exposed to the full force of accident.

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Injured because of a product?

quality productProduct Liability is an area of personal injury law that refers to injuries resulting from the use of products. These products can be something as simple as a small toy or something as complex as a multi-million dollar piece of industrial equipment. Motor vehicles, boats, printing equipment, toys, gadgets and food items and so on, all fall under this category.

Products that fail to function as one could reasonably expect and those with improper warnings or inadequate instructions fall under the product liability if someone is injured as a consequence.

Product Liability claims can be both complex and costly and require an experienced attorney with the resources to litigate these cases.

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Cars and safety belts are not designed for roll-over.

roll over accidentVehicles and sport utility vehicles can be top heavy and prone to rolling in an accident. Over 350 passengers have died in these "accidents." Rollovers, even with supplemental restraint systems, usually result in serious injury to all occupants of a vehicle and account for almost 25% of all motor vehicle related deaths.

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Everyone knows that a spinal cord injury can permanently damage the spinal column

...and create permanent disability and paralysis, or temporarily limit your activity while you get better.

spinal injurySpinal Shock

One may experience “spinal shock” which may last for hours or weeks. Healing is possible. In severe instances, medical care and physical therapy may be required and the injury may limit your ability to temporarily conduct your life normally for some time. Legal representation may be required to compensate you for your losses.

Permanent Spinal Cord Injury

A severe spinal cord injury can cause permanent damage which changes your life forever and may require life-long care. You need an experienced plaintiff personal injury attorney dedicated to getting you all of the care and aid you need to provide you with the highest quality of life possible. Mr. William Salle deeply cares about his clients. If you or a loved one has a spinal cord injury, call now (818) 543-1900 and he will go to work immediately.

Almost everyone has fallen down.

slipChildren just get up and go on, but adults are often embarrassed and try to minimize the incident. Injuries may not show up immediately. If you hit your head, you need to be taken to a doctor.

If you trip on public, commercial or private property, document the situation and what caused you to fall. Make sure you understand what unsafe condition caused your fall. Ask witnesses for their contact information. If you are too injured at the time have someone else document the incident for you as soon as possible.

There are over 17,000 deaths annually caused by falling.

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