Wrongful Death

Sudden Loss

The sudden loss of a loved one is simply one of the worst things anyone ever experiences.

Not only do you lose knowing the person but also all of the benefits and companionship they brought to your life. It’s hard to recover from a sudden loss and an individual may need both medical and psychological care during their recovery. Grief is real and serious. Importantly, as time goes on, the individual and the decedent’s family misses, but needs, all of the emotional and financial support the deceased person would have contributed. Money does not make up for losing your loved one, but it can help with your recovery and your future financial needs.

Call The Law Office of William F. Salle now at (818) 543-1900. Our legal team will treat you as if you were a friend of the family. We will help you move forward.

Attorney William F. Salle has a particular place in is heart for people who have suffered such a loss. He is kind and empathetic with his clients while he aggressively fights for a full monetary compensation. Money can never replace your loved one, but money can be very important when children and other dependents are involved.

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