Automobile Accidents

The number of automobile accidents is increasing.

Over 1.5 million people are injured and over 55,000 people die in motor vehicle accidents annually. About half of all fatalities and about 20% of injuries from these “accidents” involved alcohol.

Call for help as soon as you are injured. You take the time to recover and we’ll deal with the insurance companies.

Our firm understands that when a family member dies at the fault of another, you need the resources that would have existed if your loved one was still in your life.

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Sample Verdicts, Settlements & Judgments

$12,600,000Motor Vehicle Accident
$2,350,000Car Accident
$2,500,000Medical Transport Accident
$2,300,000Motor Vehicle Accident
$2,000,000Motor Vehicle Accident
$1,875,000Car Accident
$1,650,000Bus Accident
$1,500,000Auto Versus Pedestrian Accident
$1,100.000Negligent Security
$1,000,000Auto-Pedestrian Accident
$850,000Automobile Accident
$840,000Sexual Harassment
$750,000Motor Vehicle Accident
$750,000Ambulance Accident
$500,000Motorcycle Accident
$500,000Motor Vehicle Accident

The above-stated verdicts and settlement amounts are both factually and legally specific to these cases, and are meant for illustrative purposes only and should not to be viewed or interpreted to be an indication of the value of your specific claim. All claims are factually and legally different and therefore results will vary depending on the specific facts and legal issues in your case.

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